Student Achievements

“The interdisciplinary nature of the Environmental Studies program allowed me to explore my passion for agriculture and food systems in an academic context.
The curriculum’s foundation in the sciences prepared me for my graduate program while my internship provided me with practical experience that ensured a smooth transition into the working world.”
Nicole Crescimanno ’10

Recent Graduate Achievements

  • Pat Demsey ’13
    Employment: Genzyme Corp.
  • Nicole Corbett ’13
    Graduate school: University of Massachusetts, MS in Environmental Science
    Dianna Batt ’12 (second major in fine arts)
    Employment: WWOOF, World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms
  • Richelle Records ’11 (second major in elementary education)
    Graduate school: Wheelock College, master’s in education
    Employment: Mother Caroline Academy, 6th-7th math and science teacher
  • Jen Gerlach ’11 (second major in elementary education)
    Employment: Brockton Public schools, 5th grade
  • Nicole Crescimanno ’10 (second major in fine arts)
    Graduate school: Master’s in Climate & Society, Columbia University ’11
    Employment: Brightfarm Systems, design, finance, and operate rooftop hydroponic greenhouses at supermarket retailers
  • Sarah Piper ’09
    Graduate school: Master of arts in teaching, Drew University ’11
    Employment: High school science teacher
  • Amber (Amy) Churchill’08 (second major in biology)
    Graduate school: Master of science, University of Alaska ’11
    PhD candidate, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Stephanie McNamara ’07 (second major in early childhood education)
    Graduate school: Nicholas School for the Environment, Duke University
    Employment: Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (Esri), Redlands, Calif.