Management Information Systems Minor Requirements

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Basic computer literacy is assumed as part of this program foundation. Should you feel the need to improve your basic computing skills, you can achieve this in a variety of settings here at Stonehill or at other locations. Please contact the program director for further information.

The minor in Management Information Systems requires the completion of six courses.

Complete Four Required Courses

Code Course Credits

BUS 308

Decision Support Systems and Business Intelligence

Offered: Fall and Spring Semesters

This course studies the characteristics and capabilities of current, interactive decision support systems in the business decision making environment as well as the design, implementation, and support of numerous types of business intelligence systems. Topics include foundations for decision making, data warehousing and management, business reporting, visualization, forecasting, social networking analytics, mathematical model-based decision making (linear programming, time-series forecasting, simulation), data mining, knowledge management, and expert systems. Considerable use of Microsoft Excel and JMP may be required.

Prerequisite(s): BUS 206 or MTH 145 or MTH 225 or ECO 241 or PSY 261. (BUS 204 is recommended).
Course may be applied to the Data Science and Management of Information Systems programs.


BUS 307

Data Communications, Networking, and Security

Offered: Offered Wintersession 2015 and Summer 2016

Course provides foundations in digital communications as a basis for modern telecommunications and the Internet. It progresses from the elements of data, voice and video signals and information transmission to the principles of telecommunications, networks, and the Internet. Special attention given to the importance of modern telecommunications in business as well as the criticality of IT security in corporations. Topics include: network standards (TCP/IP), security, Ethernet/switched LANs/wireless LANs, Internet of Things (IoT), and networked applications.

Prerequisite(s): Sophomore standing.
Course may be applied to the Management of Information Systems program.


BUS 309

Database Applications

Offered: Spring Semester

Explores the role of information systems in a small business setting. The theory and design of business systems prepare the students for extensive hands-on labs, developing applications using popular software packages.

Course may be applied to the Data Science and Management of Information Systems programs.


BUS 310

Management Information Systems

Offered: Fall Semester

Concepts and principles of computer-based information systems in organizations. Topics include: management decisions and human information processing; review of computing fundamentals; varieties of computer-based information systems; systems life cycle. Readings, lectures, discussion, and case studies are used to explore concepts and their applications.

Prerequisite(s): Junior standing.
Course may be applied to the Management of Information Systems program.


Complete Two Elective Courses

Code Course Credits

BUS 443

Entrepreneurial Strategies and Digital Marketing

Offered: Spring Semester

Survey of electronic commerce, including the process of buying and selling goods, services and information over networks, primarily using Internet technologies to manage various business processes. Emphasizes the managerial rather than the technological approach. Describes major advantages, limitations and risks. Topics include applications to business-to-consumer, business-to-business and intrabusiness applications.

Prerequisite(s): BUS 340, and Sophomore standing.
Course may be applied to the Entrepreneurship and the Management of Information Systems minors.


CSC 221

Computer Logic and Organization

Offered: Alternate Years: Fall 2017, 2019

The basics of digital logic design. Binary representation of information, Boolean algebra, truth tables, combinatorial logic, Karnaugh maps, memory elements, flip flops, latches, registers, RAM and variations. ALU's, control logic, and finite state machines. The design of a simple computer. Gates and their implementation with transistors and integrated circuits.

Prerequisite(s): CSC 103.
Course may be applied to the Management of Information Systems program.



Some students may choose to utilize an Internship or Directed Study toward completing their MIS minor electives. Learning through this type of independent or particular experience is strongly encouraged.

However, sufficient MIS contribution should be demonstrated as a part of the program prior to applying for credit toward the minor.

Should you wish to choose one of these options, approval by your department chairperson and the program director should be received prior making a formal request for MIS elective credit.

If you feel that there is an additional course offering that should be included in the list of electives, please contact your advisor and/or the program director to arrange for a review of this course for possible assignment of credit toward the minor.