Anthropology Minor

The Anthropology minor at Stonehill focuses on the holistic study and understanding of other cultures from an insider’s point of view, and explores the diverse ways in which human beings perceive and order the social world.


Hannah Rosen ‘12

“My anthropology studies have not only allowed me to explore and participate in French cultural practices more fully, but they have also allowed me to have a greater insight to the cultural place of language and specific words," says Hannah Rosen ‘12, who studied abroad in Grenoble, France

The minor in Anthropology program, which centers on cultural and linguistic anthropology, can give students a competitive advantage in future pursuits by affording unique insight on the many factors that determine who we are and influence how we live.

Reflecting our Congregation of Holy Cross roots, the program also helps students see that all people have dignity, are worthy of respect and offer something to our understanding of what it means to be human.